Jolly Roger Sailing Catamaran & Gumbalimba Park

Have a great day of sailing, snorkeling and nature watching on this Jolly Roger cruise. On this excursion you will board an island bus for the transfer to Gumbalimba Nature Park. Enjoy a tour of the island during your 15-munute ride to the northwest side of Roatan. Later, you will arrive at the park and be divided in two groups, one group visiting the park while the other boards the catamaran. You will see the beautiful cascading waterfalls, picturesque island bridges, botanical gardens, an amazing variety of birds and parrots and lots of friendly monkeys. Take a walk to the beach and board the Jolly Roger catamaran. Take time to relax and set sail for the Roatan National Marine Reserve. You will don your snorkel equipment and explore the spectacular underwater scenery. You will then return to the beach and board your bus for the return journey via the south side of the island.

(Duration: 4.5 hours)

Note: Minimum age is 6 years. Children must be accompanied by an adult to snorkel. Snorkel equipment is included. Changing facilities are available at the park