Mahogany Bay Cruise Center is proud to announce the creation of a new relaxation zone at Mahogany Beach.
In the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, we sometimes forget what it’s like to be without worry and responsibility. At some point, we all could use some peace and tranquility. This is how the Blue Lagoon came to be.
This new area has two (2) Beach attendants and an assigned waiter to cater to your every need. And if by chance you’d like to update your friends and family on how your vacation is going, free Wi-Fi is also available in the Blue Lagoon.
You may choose from one of our 2 available packages:
1. Blue Lagoon Package  
2. Blue Lagoon Deluxe Package (2 guests per package)
1. Blue Lagoon Package (maximum occupancy of 25 packages or 50 guests)  
·         This includes two all-day passes to the Magical Flying Beach Chair
·         Exclusive access to the beach at Blue Lagoon
·         Two (2) Inner tube floats
·         One (1) wooden double-lounge beach chairs with covered cushions
·         Shower area
·         Plus a chance to enjoy our floating platforms located inside the designated swim zone
2. Blue Lagoon Deluxe Package (maximum occupancy of 12 packages or 24 guests)  
·         This includes all the amenities and comforts above with an upgraded lounge area featuring a four post beach bed shaded in Sunbrella canvas with extending wrap around curtains for a completely serene beach experience.
Each bed comes with a cooler including 4 bottled waters and cooled wipes for guests to use as desired 

For booking information please contact: