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Cruise Passengers Give First Place in Satisfaction to Roatan

The executives of the Florida and the Caribbean Cruise Ships Association (FCCA), reported today to the Director of the Honduran Institute of Tourism, Emilio Silvestri that the satisfaction survey taken by the cruise passengers in general, shed as a result that Roatan, Bay Islands is the destination that occupies the first place.

“We are competing with 36 destinations in the Caribbean that are well positioned in the international market,” said Silvestri, while clarified that the outcome of the surveys located Roatan higher than places like Cancun, Jamaica, Isla Mujeres, Grand Cayman, The Bahamas and Belize. Silvestri also said that the natural beauty of Roatan is one of the aspects that best place the island in comparison with the remaining Caribbean ports, and that the creation of new destinations to offer to cruise passengers within the island would be one aspect that needs to be worked on.

“The survey tells us that the work we are doing is showing its results”, said Silvestri, also satisfied because the executives of the FCCA expressed their congratulations to the government of Honduras for the commitment to solve the issue of security on the island and assured his full support to continue increasing the arrival of cruises to the country.

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